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Mobile Applications

Tongori Ágota

Az óraterv aktuális témák feldolgozását tűzi ki célul QR kódok, mobil telefonos alkalmazások és Internetes források segítségével.


Overall Objectives: To motivate Ss; To arouse interest in and raise awareness of mobile applications to find information online; To provide authentic use of language through multimedia applications within the topic Current Issues recently covered in New English File Advanced File 3; To develop reading skills; To develop critical thinking skills; To facilitate and encourage cooperation, peer teaching and peer correction.

Topic: Current Issues (Could be adapted to any topic)

Coursebook: New English File Advanced (“Compatible” with any or no course book)

Level: Upper intermediate to Advanced (B2+ to C1) (Any level as tasks could be graded)

Aids/Materials: Students’ Smart phones with Internet access; Interactive whiteboard (Smart board)with internet access; Smart notebook software and file prepared by T; A4 size printed QR codes

Anticipated problems: Ss might not be willing to use their mobiles to access the internet because of its costs; Ss might not have/want to download a QR code reader on their mobile;

Possible solution: T will not make it obligatory but Ss can decide who wants to use their mobiles for the given purpose; T might offer his/her own mobile or tablet to read the QR codes; (Task could be done as a web quest without mobiles)

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